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Shoes With Power For Men

Clothing is a tool of power and a way to express male vanity. That was according to Miuccia Prada.

What attracted me to this Prada collection is the theme which draws its inspiration from men of power. No, not because I crave it. Rather, there is always an unseen expectation for the male to exert his 'authority' whether it be over himself or surroundings and Prada might have a way to achieve to do so.   

Masculine elegance.  

The collection is intriguing, probably because of the choice of models too. Actors chosen were of a distinct pedigree within their theatric realm - William Defoe, Adrian Brody, Tim Roth, Gary Oldman & Jamie Bell.

The shoes are, gem to me. Men shoe designs cannot deviate much without losing its semblance to an accepted 'male' shoe. Prada shoes of the A/W 2012 collection are brogues decorated with emblems/badges which has its roots in nobility/military, lending more to the theme of 'power'. Just like the women's A/W 2012 shoe collection, the shoes appear to be chunkier/broader. For the men's collection, it is to bestow a stronger/more masculine form to the man.  

My choice would be the black brogue with prints. 

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