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Round & Beautiful

While I agree most of the models in the fashion industry could use more flesh on their bodies, I do understand(but not completely sympathizing) the norm of using thin models. It's meant to create a distinct identity for fashion, as art/design seem to have an obligation to be incomprehensible or unreachable by the greater mass no? Because if it is easily accessible, it loses its exclusivity. 

That's fine. The problem is when they are used as the epitome/benchmark of beauty for women and try starving themselves to achieve it.

So the real problem is impressionable minds? 

It doesn't help when it seems to be constantly bombarded at you through everyday media though.   

Diversity helps. Round or hanger-physique models. Which ever helps better deliver the vision of the show. Both are beautiful. As long she's healthy and happy. 

After all, its all admiration when actors put themselves through 'dangerous diets' all in the dedication do they?

Spot the difference & the shoes now with the 'Plus Size' issue.

One Size Fits All by Terry Richardson



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Shoes That Destroy

Since the last tease of Anastasia Radevich in my previous post on Out-Of-This-World Heels, I've been doing some research on her works (sculptural art). This time its a literal statement shoe.

Who says being stylish has to be self indulgent?

Create awareness while being stylish at it. 

What do I mean? The platform design that was made to look like crackled ground - reads "IT WILL DESTROY YOU" - isn't just for aesthetic beauty. If one would to take a closer look at the print of the upper, it should resemble the imagery of a landscape. This actually points to Anastasia Radevich's inspiration of the shoe, a potentially devastating tar sand mining operation in Canada.   

Disaster art. In a good way of course.

Turning heads while spreading an important message.

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Putting It Into Pixels

What I had in mind when thinking of the blog's name. 

Not really, but I still like the illustration.

Zapping my words into you!

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Out-Of-This-World Heels

Shoes that really evoke your imagination. Love it or hate it shoes. Either way, they are guaranteed show-stopping shoes.

Andreia Chaves and her "Invisible Shoe" collection. It is all about blending into the background. The designs are done with the motto, "Fusing the mastery and traditions of making with a visionary approach to design while also embracing the potential of 21st century technology".
More Andreia Chaves here.

Kim Kiroic's East meets West shoes. Wooden sculpted platform heels resembling oriental sandal footwear melded with the western oxford-style is brilliant. I love the heel and ankle design of the first 2 shoes. A challenge to walk in one I suppose...

Anastasia Radevich 'Kinetik' shoe collection is mysterious in cosmic proportions. Seemingly looking like shoes that would be from a fantasy/sci-fi universe, these are actually wearable - for the more eccentric perhaps. The inspiration of the shoes are drawn from nature, more precisely, nature of an alien planet. By the way, fiber optic lights are included in em'. 
More Anastasia Radevich here.

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Eye Candy: Retro Modernized Shoot

Why I like:
Pretty lips. The right mix of modern & retro outfits. Messy hair & 50s make-up.

The Beloved Country by Peter Gehrke


Mona Johannesson

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Being Dandy With Miu Miu Shoes

This time for the A/W 2012 collection, Miu Miu went for a groovy late 60s vibe. Luxurious looking material with bold statements. I like the lacquered-look on the 3 loafers which allows it to be worn for more dressy occasions and sharpens the look to an otherwise vintage design. The vivid colors & print on print combo of the shoes are rich but delicate to the eye, probably because of the velvet-ish material. The chunky designs, besides adhering to the manly tailoring theme of the show, allows a fuller showcase of the exotic prints. Nice. 

I threw in some bag shots that I particularly fancied.

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Eye Candy: Ahoy Seafood!

Staying in Kota Kinabalu allows one to discover small food establishments that attempt to be authentic.

I find that ambience completes the experience of an essential art we engage in - eating. It actually prepares the mind to properly experience/appreciate the flavors in the chosen dish.

So in this case, I found one, by the name of Sailors' Cafe that was decked to a naval/port theme. Of course, seafood is their speciality but I had lamb instead. There will always be another time after all.

End story? A satisfying experience.

For an opportunity to indulge in their "seaworthy" food, find em' here.
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The Branded Designer

i-D magazine covers always have their model's winking or emulating the 'i-D' logo. So here's how they did it with the man who always has his sunglasses on. 

Karl Lagerfeld. Artist, designer & photographer.

From the sunglasses to the pony tail to the black-and-white suits. He has made an icon and a brand of himself literally.

Narcissistic? Doesn't matter because it's a brilliant marketing ploy. 

That's what happens when one dedicates to creating their own style.

So much style that you can make coke bottles with one's self on it. Coke light to be exact.

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Prada A/W 2012 Shoes

I've become a real fan of the Miuccia Prada fashion family of late.

I like the bold designs & crazy prints. It doesn't look gaudy but rather pleasing to the eye.

Now, If only I could find those floral prints for my own shoe designs hmm...

Not really fancy-ing the blocky brogue though. What you think?

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