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Chameleon Sisters

Snapshot of the heels in their natural habitat.

Today's feature shoes are the Chameleon Zipped-Up Heels. 

Comes in either orange or white.

 Camouflage? Nay, more like waving that flag around. 

Strut it like Tricia Gosingtian did with our pair.

Tricia Gosingtian in an edgy outfit. Rare much.

Around 4 pairs per design, it's really limited.

To Buy It In White: Philippines or Worldwide
To Buy It In Orange: Philippines or Worldwide

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Red Low Heels Prototype

It's the weekend and a good time to get some eye candy.

It's been quite a journey in the realm of shoe 'innovation' - lot more complicated than I expected.
I've always had a thing for red shoes and I've insisted on coming up with something so red, that it'll make you the target of every bull that is... err lurking around. 

Anyway, this design isn't complete as the height is still below the 3-inch mark and the wedge looks more like a stump heel. I'm making adjustments to make it a wedge with a small twist of a heel. Hope you understand what I'm getting at.

What do you think?

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Handmade Shoes W.I.P

My favorite part of the shoe business is the creative aspect. I love coming out with concepts and designs - the dreamer part of me. 

And nothing excites me better than to witness the step by step process of an idea coming to the final product. More so, when it comes to handmade shoes! The smell of glue and leather mmm... 

Oh! These are our first batch of patent faux leather shoes awaiting their 'soles'.  

#Sneak Peek#

The essential - The Black Patent Heel.

The *Click click click* Wedge 

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Quirky Fashion Ads

Recently, I've noticed fashion advertisements that have struck me as being refreshingly creative. 

More so, because of the current fashion ads that I personally feel always seem to be 'affected' or depressing. I'm sharing 3 advertisements in particular by first Louis Vuitton, then Prada and finally Lanvin. Enjoy!

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Stylish Music I

Love em' helmets

Was recommended this mash-up song and I love it. 

On top of that, I'm already a fan of Daft Punk's funky tunes. 

Now I'm a fan of Ellie Goulding's wispy voice too.

It's rather enchanting.

Ellie Goulding x Daft Punk - Something Us Under The Sheets
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