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The month is July and the year is 2012.

VING MING is my creative desires expressed into shoes. Everything is from my perspective and personal taste of beauty. My designs will be infused with that 'Edgy Sophistication' energy. I wouldn't necessarily say that completely embodies VING MING as I do enjoy experimenting with new ideas. So, expect to see some surprise designs. But, one thing is for sure, is that I want to create something that shouts 'cool' subtly and will remain forever a beautiful piece of art.

The inspiration & desires come from everywhere, including from those who come to endear themselves to VING MING. An eclectic approach one could say. I try very much to incorporate my unusual inspirations literally but yet seamlessly into my designs. The VING MING shoes purpose is to accentuate the best features of the body combining intelligence and creativity effortlessly.

But in the end, the essential ingredient needed to complete the product is for the wearer to tame and infuse her/his personality into the shoe. 

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