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Round & Beautiful

While I agree most of the models in the fashion industry could use more flesh on their bodies, I do understand(but not completely sympathizing) the norm of using thin models. It's meant to create a distinct identity for fashion, as art/design seem to have an obligation to be incomprehensible or unreachable by the greater mass no? Because if it is easily accessible, it loses its exclusivity. 

That's fine. The problem is when they are used as the epitome/benchmark of beauty for women and try starving themselves to achieve it.

So the real problem is impressionable minds? 

It doesn't help when it seems to be constantly bombarded at you through everyday media though.   

Diversity helps. Round or hanger-physique models. Which ever helps better deliver the vision of the show. Both are beautiful. As long she's healthy and happy. 

After all, its all admiration when actors put themselves through 'dangerous diets' all in the dedication do they?

Spot the difference & the shoes now with the 'Plus Size' issue.

One Size Fits All by Terry Richardson



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