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Cut & Paste The 60s Groupie

I have an imagined nostalgia towards the 60s. 

Imagined nostalgia because that's the only thing an individual born way after that decade can do. In this imagined nostalgia, is content curated through available means like pictorial books depicting the lifestyle of the 60s, second hand experiences from the parents, retro movies, etc. So yes, I may have a theatrical view of it but leave it be! 

The retro groupie. 

Now, cue in four smartly dressed blokes from Liverpool singing "Can't Buy Me Love" to a legion of screaming fans who are craving for just a look from one of their idols. That is the exact emotion this editorials intends to channel through model, Tati Cotliar. And she delivers it well by posing in modern designer pieces alongside the retro photos of other screaming music fans. The black & white setting of the editorial allows the focus to be on the details of the outfit and also on the emotions portrayed by Tati Cotliar. But most importantly, it gives a real stillness or suspension of time within the photos. 

Baby It's You by Benny Horne


Oyster Magazine

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