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Le Début Lookbook

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The Rhythm of Shoe Making

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Behind The Scenes A/W 2012 Lookbook

Are photos of your house available publicly searchable on Google?

The venue of VING MING's first look-book photo shoot was possible because of an invitation from a generous friend of mine. An invitation, to her Google searchable home which makes it quite an architectural achievement.

What greets visitors is a big black looming wooden door for the entrance which guards a courtyard that befits a zen getaway villa. It's actually a house - I kid you not - and not a spa resort that you might see featured on Wallpaper magazine. It made a good backdrop scene for the shoes as there were lots to shoot with. I wanted a setting that contradicted and complemented the shoes. Contradicting because the tranquil and zen-like ambiance imbued by the venue would emphasize on the loud designs of the shoes.  On the other hand, the raw textures of the architecture and the way the venue interacts with its surroundings complements the shoes as they were designed with the contours of the body in mind.

The official VING MING A/W 2012 look-book will be out soon sometime this month.

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Backstage Designer Weekend 2012

So this is what it's like being backstage before a show. Try having a second hand experience through these photos as I enjoyed it thoroughly.

All photos are courtesy of Dhanisha of The Little Lady Photography.
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The First Show

  I had the honor of being asked to present my designs at Designers Weekend. An event that seeks out upcoming and Malaysian designers in the various creative industries. It was a perfect match for me as I didn't fancy throwing my designs just anywhere, so I gathered a team for this event.

Arrival, rehearsals & make-up were under way. 

It was exciting but I had that nagging feeling that something would go wrong. Twas my first time actually presenting my own designs. I mean I've done interviews and public speaking before but nothing like this. I was a little worried about the song choice as the audiences may not understand it as it isn't exactly 'mainstream',  and on top of that, even the organizers were saying that it might lack the 'bang'. But, somebody did remind me, the whole point of the song choice was to be different which is what VING MING is all about anyway. 

Fast forward to runway time and awaiting for our queue.

All in black with leather jackets, I think the VING MING models looked fierce. I have to thank Wolfgang for sponsoring his fabulous printed tops which added to that rocker feel to the shoes. The models were to strut out with attitude and just about the announcing of the label began, I gave a small pep talk to ease them into the mood. 

And the music kicked in with the sound of the bass guitar and the show began. 

All photos are by Haqeem N.
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Queen Kate Moss

Honestly, I'm not understanding the whole Kate Moss idolizing. The world always seems to need to put someone on a pedestal and glorify them. Even if their achievements aren't exactly extraordinary. It could be the case here. I'm pretty neutral about her though. I do like her look, she is the "anti-supermodel" and she is the chameleon model but am just not that in love with her. Sorry. Not that it matters anyhow.

Oh look, she's now gotten another book about her.

Created in collaboration with celebrated art director and editor Fabien Baron, AnOther Magazine founder and editor-in-chief Jefferson Hack and Jess Hallett, the book explores and follows her career from schoolgirl waif to one of our era’s most recognizable and iconic faces in the fashion world. Apparently, to emphasize Kate Moss's versatility in her modelling career, the book comes with 8 different covers. A very clever business decision by the editor Fabien to milk those Kate Moss groupies. 

I kid. Kate Moss is awesome.

So, do enjoy the preview photos. Personally, I'd buy the book just for the pretty pictures.

Kate: The Kate Moss Book is released in November 2012, published by Rizzoli

All photos are courtesy of

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The "Le Début" Preview


Navy Blue Patent & Gold Toe Cap
Heel Height: 110 cm 


Black Suede & Gold Mirror Finish Platform
Heel Height: 110 cm 


Red Patent Straps & Black Suede
Heel Height: 100 cm 


Fuschia Python Scales Straps & Orange Patent Wedge
Heel Height: 110 cm 


Faux Dalmation Print & Fuschia Inner Sole
Heel Height: 110 cm 
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The "Le Début" Concepts

 Le Début.

Or the commencement of VING MING designs. 

I do try to steer away from popular practices/ cliches in anything I'm involved in (like naming the shoe), but in this case calling each shoe by its physical description (Black Suede Pump) doesn't rhyme with VING MING. So, I resorted to naming them after the spirit for which the shoe is meant to embody. My main inspirations for these come mainly from the 80s edgy glamor with visually teasing shapes. The design closest to my heart has to be the PennyCopy booties.

And yes, I am very aware the double usage of 'the' in the title. Indulge.

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