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Living the 60s Through Kate Spade!

In my research on all things 60s, I stumbled upon more things groovy :)

I love how the red socks enriches an otherwise monotonous outfit - great style tip for those with a lot of black/white/silver/grey shoes.

I have an inclination to like heels without platforms. 

This outfit bears the same color code of a shoe I'm working on :P

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Authentic Valentine's Day

Have a fancy dinner like Chanel.

I'm not a believer of V-day. Smells too much of a marketing ploy to drain my fellow gentleman of their cash by spending on overpriced "lovey dovey" merchandises and dates. Ever heard the saying: "Don't love that person for a day, but for the 365 days"? It's true. 

Yet, it doesn't hurt to have a special day. But does it have to be on 14th of February? My opinion, pick any other day of the year and make sure it's a real V-day. Then it'll truly be yours & your loved one's V-day no?

Anyway, here's my dedication ;)

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Shoegulls Of The Moment

Miu Miu Shoes S/S 2010

A playful spin on the Go Go boots & MaryJane shoes of the 60s. Will steal the ideas!
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McQ Pre-Fall 2012 Jackets

All photos are courtesy of

A clean modern interpretation of Victorian fashion with a sweat of masculinity. It is a tame collection of the usual flamboyancy of Alexander Mcqueen. But by no means, is it any less stylish. I love jackets/coats and the military elements that influence the jackets/coats make these impeccable.

Click to see the full runway collection.  

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Ornamental Shoes

Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't get it?

Who'd want to wear these?

Trend overload.

Those were my initial thoughts from an early draft of the post but then, the shoes started to grow on me...

Prada's 2012 S/S cadillac inspired heels. 

Sure, they definitely aren't shoes you can wear just anywhere. You aren't meant to anyway. I think what endeared me about it, is that even though those are obviously vintage car fenders from the 50s, Prada has managed to assimilate the shapes of the car with the form the heel into a wearable shoe. A tasteful blend of art & design. And it isn't beyond comprehension to the common person. So they are statement shoes even for the not so bold/eccentric. 

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Shotuds Of The Moment

Part of the J.M Weston + Jalouse Mens Collection.

I love studs. 
If I could I'd add studs to all my shoes.
And see how shiny it is.
Mmm... patent.

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JPG's Amy Winehouse Tribute.

Beehive wigs, rehab-look and the iconic makeup were included.

For the Haute Couture S/S 2012, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to do a Amy Winehouse inspired collection. A tribute to the late singer. Fusing his satirical designs and Amy's retro style, the collection was bound to be entertaining - to me at least. The whole runway show was Amy Winehouse themed to the 'mole', literally. 

As usual, on the shoe lookout! 
All outfits were envisioned to be what the Amy would wear. Interesting. Most of the photos I've seen of her look like she tumbled out of a beer keg. She did have style though, in a trashy sort of way which what this collection meant to capture! 

Some criticized that the wigs took the attention away from the outfit or it was too costume-y but honestly, how would you really know it is an Amy Winehouse inspired collection without the wigs? I like it. Besides, it really plays to character.

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Black & Gold Heels Prototype

WIP Black & Gold Suede Heel.

Original sketch with color.

# originally was the classic black heel but opted to give the heel a slight shine - GOLD. 

# meant to be a versatile shoe: work or play

# MUST attempt to come out with a unique design that I can actually call my own. 

# emphasis of the design was to re-sculpt the platform and sides of the heel.  

# I've reduced it to a 4.5-inches heel for practicality, it DOES NOT take away the silhouette and lines the in-trend 5-inches heel would give.  

# added sponge within insole lining for comfort comparable to the Steve Madden shoes.

# shoe has to go through modifications again, as the the platform is still incorrect *grumbles*


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Lykke-Li To Bring Back The 60s Groove

Lykke Li's been known to me before but never caught my interest because it was normally 'remixed' - read destroyed - by some anonymous DJ into Dubstep music which isn't really my cup of tea.

She does bear resemblance to Lady Gaga no? Albeit more jaded and romantic though. Of late, I've taken a liking to music that takes you away into another place/time/reality. And Lykke Li's music just does that because I like the 60s vibe her music gives off. She even adopts the dramatic London Mod style of the 60s with her heavy dark eye makeup and bare lips!

Both videos are taken off her latest album 'Wounded Rhymes'. Notice how most of the couples in the table of the video of "Sadness Is A Blessing" are old with young pairings?  Anyway, her videos are always theatrical and are felicitous to the mood of the song. Enjoy.

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6 Things About The Swinging 60s

Time for some style reminiscing and the decade is the swinging 60s!

I've always felt that the past eras have been more revolutionary as opposed to the present where there isn't any distinct identity in fashion. Instead of creating a specific style for our era, we are constantly borrowing elements from the past to invent something - which isn't completely original.

Perhaps we've hit the dead-end?

Anyways, the 60s is the fashion era of bright colors, space-age designs and influences of the London pop scene. Unfortunately, whenever most think of the 60s, it's reduced to the corny Austin Power's 'shaggadelic' opening theme song. Well, I'm sure the 60s was a lot more cheerier than our time but a lot less costume-y and a lot more classier.

6 things I like about the 60s:

1. The youthful, energetic and stylish spirit behind the fashion. 
Pictured: Pierre Cardin, 1965

2. Innovative designs and materials in fashion.
Pictured: Space age designs & PVC by Pierre Cardin.

3. Fashion and music were intertwined (groovy baby!).
Pictured: The Rolling Stones

4. The numerous style icons like Brigette Bardot, Audrey Hephburn, Jean Shrimpton, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are just a few to name.
Pictured: Edie Sedgwick(yop), Twiggy(bottom right) & Peggy Moffitt(bottom left)

5. Micro mini dresses & the Go Go boots.
Pictured: Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank Sinatra. 

6. Suits with narrow ties & tapered pants. 
Pictured: The Beatles in suits with cuban heeled boots. Sophistication.

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