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Natalia Vodianova & Michael Fassbender For Vogue

The sight of Michael Fassbender suited up and snuffing the life out of nazis in the movie X-Men First Class was an absolute re-ignition of my fascination with the 60s. I was immensely pleased with the movie even before it got to the middle of the plot, just because of the styling of the outfits and setting of the movie. While I do believe a worthwhile movie has a compelling good story-line and stunning visuals,  I always feel that a movie is still first and foremost a visual treat. So, if the story-line is going to be less than impressive then it has to at least be intriguing to the eye. Fortunately for me, the X-Men First Class had both!

I think that Michael Fassbender does add to the visual treat of the movie as he does have a suave but yet has an intense aura underneath. It only seems natural that it is applied into this editorial and resulting with a theatrical quality to it. The outfits worn by the exquisite Natalia Vodianova befits a futuristic utopian that does bear contemplation of the 1920s which is something I seem to favor of recent - the imagined future of the generations before. On the point of shoes though, there seem to be features of boots with form extensions that are simple but are amazing. Pay extra attention to the Balenciaga and Givenchy boots. 

Modern Times by Craig McDean


Vogue US

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