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Colorful Shoes On The Street

 The street fashion photographer's job seems like a dream occupation but only when is so if in the ideal setting where there are actual stylish objects/subject to capture on camera - not likely to happen where I am unfortunately. This is best displayed by Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) and Tommy Ton (Jak&Jil) who are 2 photographers that are the most popular among their peers. Also, 2 of whom I constantly stalk for their portfolios of street action on their websites to gain inspiration.

Nothing beats seeing real shoes in action. A shoe on its own no matter how stupendous the design will never have its beauty fully realized without the presence of the wearer. The choice of outfit and the bearing/gait of the wearer can change the perception of the shoe. It is also through these real life photos, one can possibly gauge a shoe's true wearable value. 

I was in the mood for pastel & neon colors. But along the way, opted to include anything with colors that pop.  


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