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Prada Animated: Parallel Universes

I enjoy studying the methods of established brands/companies marketing their brand especially when they decide to be unconventional. 

My first experience with viral marketing was the teaser trailers on YouTube of the movie Cloverfield - the film which was shot from the nauseating view point of a handheld camera that recorded the rampaging Godzilla-like monster minus the screaming Japanese people, in an almost amateurish  which lends to a degree of realism. The trailers were a collection of short recorded clips that showed bizarre sightings suggesting the existence of the something big but not revealing anything more. Keep in mind, the movie content was kept under wraps really well without a hint of what the movie was about so the impact of these trailers was absolutely gripping. The concept was simple and the content even simpler (in fact, the movie didn't show much of the monster itself which gave it more suspense and played on the imagination of the viewer) but it was 'cool'. 

Some of the key elements of viral marketing is something that sticks; exploits common motivation; and can be easily shared by leveraging on the network of others.

I'm a month late with this news but...

Prada's S/S 2012 car inspired shoes are a collection that definitely sticks to ones imagination whether you like it or not. Yes, it's pretty obvious I'm a huge fan of this particular collection's design. And teaming up with Iranian-born, Paris-based graphic artist Vahram Muratyan to present their new project Prada Parallel Universes, a series of illustrated animated gifs. is a brilliant way to spread effortlessly across the internet world. Admittedly, the design of the gifs. is so simple that it looks like something anyone with minimal knowledge of flash could accomplish. But, there lies the charm no? A simple concept with even simpler content but undeniably 'cool'.

On a side note, Vahram Muratyan is famed for his delightfully witty ‘Paris vs New York’ series, visually contrasting the two cities cliché’s. Do check him out!

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How To Handcraft Prada's Walking In Milano Shoe?

As promised, here is the drool worthy video for the "Walking in Milano” handmade collection. 

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Variety In Church's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Owned by the Prada group, Church's Fall/Winter 2012 collection showcases some interesting experimentation with their footwear. As you can see, there are similarities with the designs of the "Walking In Milano" Prada collection.  The innovations lie on the sole, which is thicken for a more casual feel and even some offer a multi-colored camouflage design in dark tones – a good decision on focusing on the sole but not so on the camo-print. Personally, even though it might work for some, I can't seem to process the idea of the classically decorated design mixing with the modern camouflage print. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from but my favorite of this batch has got to be the penny loafers (2nd photo). They have a very suave, sophisticated & mature feel to it but the grainy wooden sole gives it a little more ruggedness.

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Walking In Milano With Prada Men

This is Prada's “Walking in Milano” collection of handmade men’s shoes. I've been studying and increasingly appreciating men's handmade shoes, to the extend I struggle to find my two machine produced leather shoes as interesting as they used to be. This collection of Prada shoes are probably contributors to my current shoe predicament. The design theme, “with classic character with a modern twist” admittedly, isn't a very new idea. But, how far can you go with men shoes for the more formal occasion? The majority of the men market (and women's perception of how a man should dress) isn't receptive to more deviant or abnormal designs. I am still of the opinion that there should be a distinction between the styles of the men and women (I'm still trying to grasp the idea of men on heels) but I would like to see more daring fashion innovations among the men.

Anyway, the modern twist on the classics is looking absolutely dandy to me. Personal favorites are the two-toned "wingtip bluchers" (the 1st photo) and the monk straps (the 4th photo, on the right). I'll be posting up the step by step video of the shoe's handmade process that will leave you simply awed and desiring your very own handmade shoe.

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