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Techno-Punk Balenciaga Shoes

The 60s & 80s eras are places that I wished I could experience but alas, it was not meant to be because:
First, my direct forbearers were unmarried and still grooving to psychedelic tunes of the 60s. And second, my first breath of air came only at the end of the 80s. So both eras went past me. 

I've always felt that both eras are forward-thinking and always aspiring to a futuristic world. This is clearly seen in the culture/fashion of both which sometimes lead to very unusual or queer styles.

 Fortunately, this time round Balenciaga's creativity was leaning to a sci-fi 80s and the setting was to be an office, so it should be a real visual treat.

"So I imagined a company, Balenciaga, Inc., and what all the different women would wear to work there," - Nicolas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga

What makes the Balenciaga A/W 2012 collection cutting edge is that the modern-looking materials and futuristic designs are applied tastefully without looking costume-y which allows the collection to give off an 80s vibe seamlessly without being literal.

Couldn't help but include some outfit photos.

The shoe designs are a cross combination of classic and modern design/materials. Looking classy & futuristic without looking plasticky. There is a hint of a subtle edgy look even with the clean designs too. My personal favorites are the laced up leather heels(the last 2 photos).

All photos are courtesy of Pin It Now!

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