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Cotton Candy Mules From Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012 Pale Wonderland.  

Plenty of prettiness and showmanship was displayed by the Louis Vuitton camp in a runway show with a fairy-tale flavor. A kind of fairy-tale that involves a pure white carousel with white prancing horses bearing innocent dolls and set in the cooling streets of Paris. This magical collection, just like Prada's Spring Summer 2012 collection, had strong hints of the 1950s era.

The shoe designs were extremely feminine and dainty but yet avoids being too girly girl.
The delicate color palette of candy pinks, yellow and pale blue highlighted with icy whites and silver were perfect for the season. It's sweet but light like cotton candy. The details of the shoes (buttons, white highlights, etc) were intricate and clean but again remained light. 

The mule isn't a favorite design of mine but I have to make an exception for these were executed elegantly. Most mule designs came across to me as being sloppy looking because of the way it tends to make women walk. That is rather strange, seeing as the mule is suppose to be excessive luxury for the mule implies that a person who owns one, normally means they have the luxury of owning other shoes. Maybe it was toe caps that elevate the Louis Vuitton mule to make an otherwise lazy slipper to classy shoe with a tad bit of cuteness it in.

It was like a big fashion wedding cake with all those clean, pale colours,” Alexandra Schulman

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