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Louis Vuitton's Eccentric Traveller

 As of now, there are two fashion houses that have really impressed me with their presentations of their respective fall collection. One is Chanel and the other Louis Vuitton. The latter has always struck me as a more retail designer brand because of their blatant use of the brand logo at every opportunity they get and as a result never regarded Louis Vuitton as exciting. But, ever since the their earlier 50s retro themed collection, I understood why they stood as one of the most successful in the industry.

Now, the Louis Vuitton 2012 A/W collection.

The hiss of steam in the night of Paris, followed by the entry of a locomotive and the accompanying porter of the aristocratic woman set the mood for the Louis Vuitton's magical fall collection. I can sense the 1910s era in the collection, so the shoe collection has a very vintage but luxurious feel to them. Louis Vuitton's shoes radiate an eccentric but a colorful ladylike aura with the use of ostrich leather, horse hair, jeweled buttons and huge platforms. I must admire how the addition of the perspex heels have not taken away the vintage magical feel from the collection but rather has complemented it. My favorite designs are the black brogue cum loafer, the orange brogue and the horse hair brogue.

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