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Shoes That Destroy

Since the last tease of Anastasia Radevich in my previous post on Out-Of-This-World Heels, I've been doing some research on her works (sculptural art). This time its a literal statement shoe.

Who says being stylish has to be self indulgent?

Create awareness while being stylish at it. 

What do I mean? The platform design that was made to look like crackled ground - reads "IT WILL DESTROY YOU" - isn't just for aesthetic beauty. If one would to take a closer look at the print of the upper, it should resemble the imagery of a landscape. This actually points to Anastasia Radevich's inspiration of the shoe, a potentially devastating tar sand mining operation in Canada.   

Disaster art. In a good way of course.

Turning heads while spreading an important message.

All photos are courtesy of Pin It Now!

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