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Gold On My Black Suede Heels

# The original concept of the heel was to be the all black heel but during the later stages of the design process, we decided to give it a gold highlight. 

# The primary idea was a shoe that was posh yet quirky as we hope to give the pieces the image of being stylish but not too serious. Hence, the purple interior rather than all black.  

# Most of the current designs are instilled with the 60's "young spirit". Fresh & bold is the theme.

# Since I opted for the 4-inch heel, the challenge was to capture the same definition a 5-inch heel gives. The cut and curves are important.

# The platform curve was a pending design but applied it anyway, to differentiate from other heels. It'll be a reoccurring look in the current designs.

# I feel that the color palette used, convey the feelings of smooth & velvety - luxurious.

# Extra padding for the ball of the foot was inserted since the shoe is meant to be a versatile heel - more walking time with more comfort.

# The end: my first completed handmade high heel beauty.

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