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Out-Of-This-World Heels

Shoes that really evoke your imagination. Love it or hate it shoes. Either way, they are guaranteed show-stopping shoes.

Andreia Chaves and her "Invisible Shoe" collection. It is all about blending into the background. The designs are done with the motto, "Fusing the mastery and traditions of making with a visionary approach to design while also embracing the potential of 21st century technology".
More Andreia Chaves here.

Kim Kiroic's East meets West shoes. Wooden sculpted platform heels resembling oriental sandal footwear melded with the western oxford-style is brilliant. I love the heel and ankle design of the first 2 shoes. A challenge to walk in one I suppose...

Anastasia Radevich 'Kinetik' shoe collection is mysterious in cosmic proportions. Seemingly looking like shoes that would be from a fantasy/sci-fi universe, these are actually wearable - for the more eccentric perhaps. The inspiration of the shoes are drawn from nature, more precisely, nature of an alien planet. By the way, fiber optic lights are included in em'. 
More Anastasia Radevich here.

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