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Leather jackets. Wicked.

Leather Jackets. Edgy & cool. Timeless & chic.

What makes this piece of clothing so stylish? There is symbolism in the leather jacket. It goes beyond the material and color of it. To love the leather jacket, once has to understand the story behind the leather jacket that defined it. Just like some clothing pieces, there is an unseen value sewn into its threads (Take the fedora for example, it will always be associated with gentleman/gangsters of the refined eras of 20s to 40s).

The leather jacket has very humble beginnings, there were simple forms of it since men knew how to strip and tan the hide from animals which led to it becoming a harsh-weather gear for everyday use. In the military, as flight jackets (Bomber Jackets) for pilots or the military uniforms (SS of the Nazis) of officers.

To finally, a fashionable outerwear. Throughout modern culture, the leather jacket has been associated with the adventurous; the dangerous; the thrill seeking; the rebel; and the sexy. In short, it's 'cool'. Also, there is the fact that leather jackets were been donned by icons who are synonymous to the word 'cool'.

"The black leather jacket has always been the uniform of the bad. Hitler's Gestapo, the Hell's Angels, the Black Panthers, punk rockers, rock 'n' roll animals and the hardcore mutations of the eighties all adopted it as their own." Mick Farren, author of The Black Leather Jacket
Those are just to name a few but you get where I'm heading no? Understanding what that leather jacket represents really helps in finding your style. It gives you an idea of what you want to express in your outfit. So what do you want to express?

I really think with all the symbolism in the leather jacket, plus it being chic yet simple makes it a must piece of clothing in the wardrobe. Requires little effort in pulling off because of all it represents.

My 5 reasons why the leather jacket is a must in the wardrobe:
  1. Versatile
  2. Timeless  
  3. Durable 
  4. Extremely Chic
  5. The symbolism

Don't let the symbolism intimidate you or swallow you. Always remember, the clothing should enhance your look and if it enhances your personality too, even better! It wouldn't hurt to be in character when you don the leather jacket... could be fun. But as said before, make it yours by melding it with your personality or you'd never be original. The leather jacket can be thrown over a shirt & tie/ long or short dress/ t-shirt & jeans/ track suit combo and it'll still look 'uber' stylish. It does require a little experimentation but I can assure you it can be very rewarding.

Now, if you live in the warmer climate or if you are one who sympathizes for the furry ones, fear not!

You don't have to get a real leather jacket (but I ain't stopping you from getting otherwise though). There are tons of leather-lookalike jackets made out of PU or faux leather, but I personally don't think it'll ever feel the same. I myself own a faux leather jacket from Zara because the weather is eternally summer in the day, so I only ever go into 'James Dean' mode in the night or whenever I head to an air-conditioned venue.

There are a variety of designs/color for the leather jacket, so in my later posts I'll be uploading photos for both men & ladies to provide visual inspirations. So dare to wear the leather jacket?

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