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Music is essential to fashion.

Music and fashion go hand in hand.

Part of the planning of every fashion runway show, a great deal of attention is given to the choice of music. That is because music is essential to the completion of the showcase of a designer's collection by giving a complete sensory experience in both sight and sound. It helps sets the mood for the audience and also, gives a clearer illustration of the story intended to be told by the designer.

"It's like the function of film music. It's to set this tone at this show, to give all kinds of clues as to how designer thinks of him or herself and the clothes that they're putting on. It's sort of another clue as to sensibility that they would like you to partake in by buying their clothes."

Yves Saint Laurent NY Fashion Show
So, beyond the runway, we are our own body's fashion designer!

Each song/genre of a song sets a different mood or affects the way we feel about ourselves with our surroundings (or how we picture ourselves) which in turn can affect/enhance our choice of dressing. Take Topman for example, they favor Indie rock music - and last I heard they might be selling more of that genre in their stores - because their fashion styles are indie rock influenced and that is the impression wanted upon their customers. 

Personally, playing music while dressing up improves my mood and refines my dressing actually.

Electro or House music inspires me to a sharp, edgy but colorful look - that could be because of the rhythm Electro music have. Strangely enough, I switch to my Indie rock music playlist when its a rainy cold day (somehow rainy days make me feel like its in the UK) and that's when I feel best to wear my Doc Martens and other vintage inspired outfits. Other than that, Bossa Nova seems appropriate when I'm preparing for a posh night at a bar or when I normally feel the need to wear a dark jacket with a button downed shirt inside. 

So ask yourself this, "What will be the song of my style?" 

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