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Spotlight Style Piece: Nylon Jacket

I was google-ing for jackets (am searching for another leather jacket actually) and stumbled upon these pictures. Pharrell Williams, one of my more favored mainstream artist, is sporting a really slick and attention grabbing jacket! 

It really has Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' written all over it. So what is it?

Not easy to pair off with your everyday outfit but definitely something, anyone will remember. Made of nylon, with the unmistakable red 'M' stripe for Maison Margiela, this is the Martin Margiela Contrast Nylon Biker Jacket. It is meant to be the focus or what I would call "The Show Piece" of your outfit. I feel the beauty of this jacket is that its striking enough yet the fabric and design allows it to be worn with multiple outfits. So it's falls under my category of stylish clothing because of its distinctive design/nature and that makes it a worthwhile investment.

Definitely casual. 

Because of its striking design, its best to pair it with subdued colors (black & grey). Denim jeans or black casual pants always work with it. Keep the style of your outfit modern and you'll be safe. Plain sneakers preferably. Always keep in mind that the focus has to be on the jacket.

A risky but worth a try pairing is with a pair of raw red denim jeans. Also or maybe, pair it with a more contemporary outfit.

I doubt you can find the Martin Margiela Contrast Nylon Biker Jacket easily anymore though, but I feel it is worth a mention. Plus, its a start of a series of spotlight articles on particular fashion items that I find are 'stylish'. 

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