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Leather Jacket for Ladies

 From the long to short dresses; From the denim jeans to denim shorts; From blouses to tank tops; There isn't a better piece of fashion clothing to go with the whole lady's wardrobe then the leather jacket.  Dress it up or dress it down, the leather jacket can provide the necessary ingredient to achieve that. It's a stylish & timeless piece of clothing regardless of the age too.

The leather jacket gives this mellow-looking outfit a bolder feel. | Courtesy of Jessica T.  

Kate Moss giving that gown a more rebellious look | Courtesy of
Rachel Bilson + Short dress + leather jacket 
Try a studded design to give a more edgy feel to the dress.

 Even for days where there isn't much time to consider or plan an outfit, the leather jacket will never go wrong even for the casual occasion. Wanting to be casual but not too casual:

White shirt + short shorts + leather jacket
Light earthy colors + Leather | Courtesy of Sietske L.
For the more sporty type! | Courtesy of the Sartorialist
Preppy with a wild touch | Courtesy of Alexandra P.
Sometimes the black leather jacket gets rather jaded, then go for a more natural color - the brown leather jacket. I like to see ladies in this variant of the leather jacket as it gives off a softer & classier feel.

Bomber jacket paired with gold accessories. Lovely. | Courtesy of the Sartorialist
Miranda Kerr with a vintage looking leather jacket. Sweet & Classy. 

Tired of the natural colors of black or brown? Then opt for a colored leather jacket. I'd only recommend that the less experienced in dressing to avoid this option or risk looking like a disaster. However, the colored leather jacket is a more beautiful piece of clothing than a nylon or cotton jacket, in my humble opinion. So the risk of looking like a disaster sometimes is a risk worth taking. A safe recommendation for wearing a colored leather jacket is to pair it with an outfit that isn't striking colored - non-strong colors - because you want the focus to be on the jacket.

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