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8 questions to find my style.

"So what's my style?"

I talked about style before, but how do you 'find' your style? I believe there isn't a fixed step by step way to finding it but there are roughly points you can go through that might lead you closer to it. 

So, I'll offer you some points you SHOULD consider; 

Your why. Why find your style? Why do you need it?

Your philosophy or knowing thyself.

What inspires you!?

Follow the "how to dress" guidelines loosely~

Personalize it!  Inject your personality into it!

What do you want people to think when they see you?

Do you look good? *snap snap* 

Have fun ;)

The King of Pop on Vogue.

Remember, style is more than just the dressing. It's the whole package as style without substance is meaningless. I'll be writing more in detail about the above points on a later article so this shall do for now. Oh, just a reminder: Style speaks a lot about you, so think twice before you step out of that room of yours! 

"The difference between style and fashion is quality." Giorgio Armani 

Here's a tribute to the man that inspired me not only in style but also in dancing. Love that slick beat with the killer moves. 

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  1. Style is about confidence. And reflects how you see yourself.

  2. True true Fiona, your appearance/style is a projection of your thinking.