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Heels, Bello~!


I was reading my previous blog entry on why women should wear high-heels/stilettos/pumps, and I have to say it really looks like a blatant attempt by me to create a subconscious need in your mind to buy the heels I am selling (which are very delicious looking). I really do not want my blog to be like a magazine that just promotes products, if only a little... 

A real depiction of the small streets of Italy | Not my photo.

Having said that, I want to stress that if I were a woman, I'd be wearing heels everyday! Why? I went to Italy - Rome to be precise. First amazing thing: It's Italy. Second amazing thing: Italian women. 

From that day onwards, I find Italian women to be very attractive. They have an aura about them that oozes "edgy, rugged & sexy love". During my time there, I'd always see an Italian woman/girl with heels, period. I really think they have truly mastered the art of wearing high heels. They practically wear it all day; run with it; work with it; even ride bikes with it. 

Casual Heels | Courtesy of The Sartorialist

Vespa + Heels | Courtesy of The Sartorialist

Love the jacket combo | Courtesy of The Sartorialist

Hair + Dress | Courtesy of The Sartorialist

 How I miss Italy...

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