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Leather Jacket For Men

If a guy wants a choice of masculine wear, you cant go wrong with a leather jacket. Versatile, practical & chic it is the ideal clothing piece to invest in. There are different designs/colors available for you to choose from - leather bomber jackets, biker type, etc. I don't believe there is the best looking design, just what you like best or looks best on you. The color and texture is more important especially for those deciding to buy the PVC/Faux leather make, find the one that looks as close as possible to the real thing. Once you do manage the find the one you like, don't be afraid to play around with it guys! Doesn't hurt to get a pair of shades too.

Most of these are possible to follow even for those in the warm climate and also for those who aren't into revamping their entire wardrobe. Commence the inspirational photos!
A design I've taken to fancy currently is the leather vest. Its offers almost all the benefits of the its more complete variant(the leather jacket) minus the sleeves to make it more cooling to wear. Be careful not to choose the design that makes you develop the urge to ride a Harley Davidson & have lots of tattoos though! Find a form fitting one. 


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