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Lykke-Li To Bring Back The 60s Groove

Lykke Li's been known to me before but never caught my interest because it was normally 'remixed' - read destroyed - by some anonymous DJ into Dubstep music which isn't really my cup of tea.

She does bear resemblance to Lady Gaga no? Albeit more jaded and romantic though. Of late, I've taken a liking to music that takes you away into another place/time/reality. And Lykke Li's music just does that because I like the 60s vibe her music gives off. She even adopts the dramatic London Mod style of the 60s with her heavy dark eye makeup and bare lips!

Both videos are taken off her latest album 'Wounded Rhymes'. Notice how most of the couples in the table of the video of "Sadness Is A Blessing" are old with young pairings?  Anyway, her videos are always theatrical and are felicitous to the mood of the song. Enjoy.

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