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6 Things About The Swinging 60s

Time for some style reminiscing and the decade is the swinging 60s!

I've always felt that the past eras have been more revolutionary as opposed to the present where there isn't any distinct identity in fashion. Instead of creating a specific style for our era, we are constantly borrowing elements from the past to invent something - which isn't completely original.

Perhaps we've hit the dead-end?

Anyways, the 60s is the fashion era of bright colors, space-age designs and influences of the London pop scene. Unfortunately, whenever most think of the 60s, it's reduced to the corny Austin Power's 'shaggadelic' opening theme song. Well, I'm sure the 60s was a lot more cheerier than our time but a lot less costume-y and a lot more classier.

6 things I like about the 60s:

1. The youthful, energetic and stylish spirit behind the fashion. 
Pictured: Pierre Cardin, 1965

2. Innovative designs and materials in fashion.
Pictured: Space age designs & PVC by Pierre Cardin.

3. Fashion and music were intertwined (groovy baby!).
Pictured: The Rolling Stones

4. The numerous style icons like Brigette Bardot, Audrey Hephburn, Jean Shrimpton, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are just a few to name.
Pictured: Edie Sedgwick(yop), Twiggy(bottom right) & Peggy Moffitt(bottom left)

5. Micro mini dresses & the Go Go boots.
Pictured: Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank Sinatra. 

6. Suits with narrow ties & tapered pants. 
Pictured: The Beatles in suits with cuban heeled boots. Sophistication.

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