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Heels over Head

In the generation where the bohemian lifestyle is rampant, the need to revive the respect for dressing is most urgent and in this case, dressing for the feet. I must confess to liking women in heels. I like women who walk with their heels right.

"We are women and women wear heels." - unknown source.

  1. Women in heels are more attractive/sexy/elegant
  2. Heels/Stilettos/Pumps accentuate one of women's greatest assets - their legs
  3. Wearing them exudes confidence
  4. Each pair of heels/stilettos/pumps can be an art piece itself
  5. I believe that they were made to complete the women's figure.

To be more technical, it seems that the heels/stilettos/pumps force the back of the body to arch, pushing the chest forward and the butt area rearward, thereby emphasizing on the curvy figure of the woman. Plus, height is increased. Very model-like no? 

And, it seems that men like an exaggerated female figure... mm-hmm. Yes, i know heels/stilettos/pumps are hell to wear and more so when trying to walk in one. But who says looking good is ever easy? Sacrifice for the sake of looking good I say. I feel it's a state-of-mind, once you start wearing them often enough, it becomes natural. With that being said, you still got to wear them heels/stilettos/pumps right, or you might as well store them away. I actually took time to research on how to walk in heels/stilettos/pumps the right way. So, flaunt those legs in heels/stilettos/pumps for the street is your catwalk!

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    1. And if they are the right heels, they help build muscle and tone the body...

    2. Thanks for the info & link nateving =)