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Bonjour! Its been more than a week since I last blogged, its been a busy week with me traveling to Malaysia and all. So lets talk about Your Why and Philosophy on finding your style. These are the preliminary steps one needs to go through to decide how you want to shop/groom/present yourself.

"Style is knowing who you are..."

The reason, "I just to want look good." will not suffice,  its got to have more depth.
Why do I need that style identity?
Do I crave recognition?
Am I doing this to be respected?
Is it for self-development?
Peer pressure?
To emulate an idol?
This blog told me so?
I want to make a difference?

The whole purpose of knowing your 'Why', is essential to building a reason for your style which leads to forming a 'conviction'. Confident people have conviction in their actions. They know why/what they do especially when expressing/flaunting their style. Funnily enough, they even flop confidently and you won't know it! You'd probably think: "Yeah he meant to do that, but we just don't get it yet." 

All reasons are acceptable but the conviction in each reason varies. For example, if you are stylizing yourself for the sake of being more accepted/liked by a certain group of people (high-school-ish, I know, but there are people like that!!) then I doubt its going take much to knock-down that conviction because your reason is dependent on the opinion of others. Then that'll be inconsistent with the whole idea of "...and not giving a damn." 

What is your Philosophy? This is the "How I think and then do about it" part. 

There isn't a generic philosophy for anyone because it is very personal matter. Instead, I'll share about my philosophy on style. I believe that:

  1. Life is too short to be ordinary/ugly
  2. Always take the road nobody usually chooses.
  3. Be bold but in an effortless/classy/subtle way.
  4. Practical beauty.
  5. Jump first, think/regret later!
That was small dose of my philosophy on style. I believe taking the road that nobody normally chooses because I don't believe in completely/blindly following trends; playing safe; joining the bandwagon. Now, boat shoes are the trend but I'd rather stick to my 10-holes Dr. Martens. 

Be bold by choosing an otherwise dangerous color, like a shocking pink (for men) jacket and a white top while making sure its tasteful without the desperate screams for attention factor. 

Practical is sporting a white wide brim fedora hat because I want to revive the stylish tradition of men wearing hats in rainy and sunny climates. I feel being too cautious and not taking the risk will get you nowhere. Never try, never will know! Your Why/Philosophy (internal) shapes your Style (external). The reason I'm stressing on this point is because your style is your opinion on how you want to look/behave. 

So the more you know/understand it, the stronger your opinion = statement = style.
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