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The no.1 post of the blog. To be honest, its a first time at writing a blog and its quite scary. Hard to believe, it wasn't long ago i believed that people with blogs are attention-seekers... Well, I still think they are except for the right reasons now :P. I've got to mention two bloggers that really inspired me to try blogging: 

Prince Pelayo 


Really got to admire their passion and dedication in blogging about fashion. Just check em' out for yourself. Besides, being a blogger in the revolution of social media is a career itself now! And, I've been acquainting myself to that industry already so mind as well maximize it.

So what am I going to do on this blog? Write about my feelings? Hmm it's a yes and no. I'll be expressing my feelings on everything that can relate to style - fashion, art, music, films, etc. Should be fun no? I always have something to say about everything so why not blog it? Well, I really got to get a nicer logo for this blog though... Its a work in progress so be gentle but I'd appreciate on how I can better this blog. Please leave comments!


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