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Behind The Scenes A/W 2012 Lookbook

Are photos of your house available publicly searchable on Google?

The venue of VING MING's first look-book photo shoot was possible because of an invitation from a generous friend of mine. An invitation, to her Google searchable home which makes it quite an architectural achievement.

What greets visitors is a big black looming wooden door for the entrance which guards a courtyard that befits a zen getaway villa. It's actually a house - I kid you not - and not a spa resort that you might see featured on Wallpaper magazine. It made a good backdrop scene for the shoes as there were lots to shoot with. I wanted a setting that contradicted and complemented the shoes. Contradicting because the tranquil and zen-like ambiance imbued by the venue would emphasize on the loud designs of the shoes.  On the other hand, the raw textures of the architecture and the way the venue interacts with its surroundings complements the shoes as they were designed with the contours of the body in mind.

The official VING MING A/W 2012 look-book will be out soon sometime this month.

All photos are courtesy of VING MING. Pin It Now!

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