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Queen Kate Moss

Honestly, I'm not understanding the whole Kate Moss idolizing. The world always seems to need to put someone on a pedestal and glorify them. Even if their achievements aren't exactly extraordinary. It could be the case here. I'm pretty neutral about her though. I do like her look, she is the "anti-supermodel" and she is the chameleon model but am just not that in love with her. Sorry. Not that it matters anyhow.

Oh look, she's now gotten another book about her.

Created in collaboration with celebrated art director and editor Fabien Baron, AnOther Magazine founder and editor-in-chief Jefferson Hack and Jess Hallett, the book explores and follows her career from schoolgirl waif to one of our era’s most recognizable and iconic faces in the fashion world. Apparently, to emphasize Kate Moss's versatility in her modelling career, the book comes with 8 different covers. A very clever business decision by the editor Fabien to milk those Kate Moss groupies. 

I kid. Kate Moss is awesome.

So, do enjoy the preview photos. Personally, I'd buy the book just for the pretty pictures.

Kate: The Kate Moss Book is released in November 2012, published by Rizzoli

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