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Walking In Milano With Prada Men

This is Prada's “Walking in Milano” collection of handmade men’s shoes. I've been studying and increasingly appreciating men's handmade shoes, to the extend I struggle to find my two machine produced leather shoes as interesting as they used to be. This collection of Prada shoes are probably contributors to my current shoe predicament. The design theme, “with classic character with a modern twist” admittedly, isn't a very new idea. But, how far can you go with men shoes for the more formal occasion? The majority of the men market (and women's perception of how a man should dress) isn't receptive to more deviant or abnormal designs. I am still of the opinion that there should be a distinction between the styles of the men and women (I'm still trying to grasp the idea of men on heels) but I would like to see more daring fashion innovations among the men.

Anyway, the modern twist on the classics is looking absolutely dandy to me. Personal favorites are the two-toned "wingtip bluchers" (the 1st photo) and the monk straps (the 4th photo, on the right). I'll be posting up the step by step video of the shoe's handmade process that will leave you simply awed and desiring your very own handmade shoe.

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